Monday, October 10, 2011

You are taking your money? (And how to get some of it back!)

You are taking your money? Every day, someone has your money from you, or you give them, depending on whether you pay cash or EFTPOS ... Who are these companies that take their money, and how do I retrieve it?

As a father of four children and a passionate cook, I think I spend too much money in the grocery store ... Many of my income also goes towards the cost of housing, and the necessity of life ... No, no, clothes, mobile phones.

Food, glorious food.

Since I chose to give $ 900 each month Woolworth in exchange for food, it makes sense that I should have a share of the company that I support. In this way, could at least get some of my money back.

Secure my home involves payments to the local council (rates, water, land, taxes etc.), bank and home and contents insurance. Fortunately, getting a better deal on my insurance to assure you that I bank, so that the company has the money to the three, and I own a part of them to change.

Clothing, well, most of my stuff is corporate closet, so I definitely have the property of that company, and if I was working for me you can bet they would still have my company name printed on the chest .. . This would be deductible for tax reasons rather than vanity. Vanity and beautiful clothing is my wife's department, so I make sure I have lots of businesses as well.

DISCLAIMER: Before investing in any company, make sure you do your homework to ensure that the company is good and selling at a reasonable price. Also, get professional advice before investing.

Invest it passes, it seems easy ... Right?
Sometimes it is relatively easy to reverse it passes through. It is possible that with the Commonwealth Bank and Telstra mobile phone, so a quick phone call and you can buy shares in these companies. But what about companies that do not trade with the same name that are sold under? You may recognize that General Electric makes your toaster and your light bulb, but did you know that the giant U.S. Australia also owns the Myer Card, Loan Assistant Principal, and Australia AVCO Finance Guarantee Corp (AGC), among others?

Let's take a look at Australia and find out who is the name behind the brands, ie "you are taking your money" and that possibly should be reversed to retrieve it.

"Lucky, you're with AAMI" ... and Vero, Asteron and .... Promina (ASX: PMN): The insurance company that most people have never heard of. It has several trade names and companies of their property, including AAMI, Shannon, Australian Pensioners Insurance Agency (APIA), Royal & Sun Alliance, The Guardian, Vero, Tyndall, Mariner, AA Insurance, Axiom, Autosur, Asteron and insurance Sentinel .

"Only a cowboy?" ... And shirts, suits and dresses ... Just Group (ASX: JST): Apparently, these people own and operate all retail stores Jeans So in addition to keeping busy with other stores in fashion retail. Jay Jays also own, Portmans, Peter Alexander, Urban Brands and Jacqui-E (natural habitat of my wife!).

Marks too cool for school, and many also ... Globe Australia Group (ASX: GLB) are sold under the brand name Globe, also M-One-11, Stussy, Mooks, Darkstar, World Industries, the ninth stage, Freshjive, Gallaz, Blind (Blind Body Bags), Mossimo, almost, Quattro, Grind , Sista, Enjoi, Speed ​​Demons, Tensor, Sandolls, Ecko (Ecko Unlimited), Independent, Paul Frank (that damn monkey face appears to be the new Millennium response to "Marilyn Monroe" by Warhol), Legacy, Girl , Chocolate, Royal, Diamond, Fourstar, Blitz, Anger Mgt, Birdhouse, Flip, The Firm, anger, Connections, Santa Cruz, Ricta, TSG, Bootleg, Venture and awake ... If you've ever seen a skater or surfer shoes or a shirt on, it is likely that he takes one of the brands.

It's so fun to invest, especially when you can make money across cultures and age groups ... Funtastic Limited (ASX: FUN) sell so many things I will have to put pressure with a stick ... Obviously that makes more than you can poke a stick at, but if you are under 12 years, I have to put pressure with a stick to keep him awake during the entire list.

Many of these will be in the list of all the children at Christmas. Here goes ... Disney, Goldstar, Action Man, Bratz, Care Bears, Hot Wheels, Tonka, Spiderman, Cat in the Hat, Justice League, Strawberry Shortcake, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Yu-Gi-Oh, The Crocodile Hunter, The Wiggles , Thunderbirds, Bananas in Pyjamas, Bey Blade, Finding Nemo, Toy Story, Tomy, Razor, Choppa, 2DX, 180-s, Air, Ford Performance, Hi-5, Thomas the Tank Engine, Barbie, Bob the Builder, Minx , Piranha, Vibes, Dome, Jolie, Hulk, Looney Toons, Zoids, Beacon, Chupa Chups, 'warheads, Fish, Fisher Price, The Incredibles, The Lion King, The Saddle Club, Slinky, Nikki Webster, crew Beach, BeDeGirls, Union Blues, Boom Doggers, Miss Shop, SixOneNine, STE, Cabbage Patch Kids, Wild Planet Spy Gear Undercover Girl, Aztek, Sea Monkeys, Models Revell, Testors, Crush gear, Astroboy, the Power Rangers . (Whew!)

There may be more, visit their website or annual report to learn more. Suffice to say that making money Funtastic baby toys (Tomy), confectionery (Chupa-Chups), pushbike (Razor, 2DX), and all the toys that any child who wants to own, until they discover the phones mobile and the opposite sex ...

Fresh, clear, and more expensive than beer! Bottled water comes in varieties such as Mt
Franklin, Powerade, Pump and Neverfail ... four of these labels are water owned by Coca-Cola Amatil Limited (ASX: CCL). They also make some kind of sweet soft drinks ... But you probably knew that already.

Pause and take a breath here, you're halfway there ...

Recently floated company Pacific Brands Group (ASX: PBG) is a quiet giant huge. At last count, there were about forty brands of clothing and sporting goods. See if you recognize any of them.

Underwear: Playtex, FormFit, Kayser, Hestia, Antz Pantz, Kolotex, Berlei, Love Kylie (yes, Minogue), Bonds (yes, arrogant), Razzamatazz, Red Robin, Holeproof, Rio de Janeiro, Jockey, Schiaparelli, voodoo, socks Explorer , Rabbits, Bonds Wondersuits, Underdaks, Hanes, Canterbury.

Work & Play: Gee King, Nibblick, Sport Dunlop, Repco, Slazenger, Maxfli, Stubbies, Rosebank ("Stackhats"), Malvern Star, Everlast, Lightning Bolt, Hang Ten, Lee Cooper, Amco. Home: Tontine, Sleepmaker, Doona, Simmons, Serta, Dunlopillo, ULTRAFRESH, Enduro, Venus and Mars.

Shoes: Candy, Julia Marlowe, Clarks, Hush Puppies, Grosby, Sachi, CAT. Check out the website of Pacific Brands to learn more.

Quiet achiever Biotechnology Capital (ASX: BTC) is a conglomerate of many pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, including one that states that a drug that stops the spread of AIDS through contact fluid (not cure AIDS, but stops it from spreading), and a company that manufactures analgesics spider venom, no joke.

Biotechnology has: Starpharma, dendritic Technologies, Alchemia, Biocom, Control Systems of continence, Clinical Cell Culture, Pacific Knowledge Systems, Xenome, XRT, Stem Cell Sciences, proteome systems and more.


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